Why Do People Start Gangs

Topics: Gang, Illegal drug trade, Crime Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: March 7, 2012
Why Do People Start Gangs?
I wanted to learn more about gangs because I was wanting to figure out why they start them, and for what reasons. Learning about gangs would show other things in life outside of what I do every day around my home and school. Also, I wonder what types of people are in gangs. Lastly, I wanted to know what leads people to commit crimes and do what they do while in a gang.

According to my novel, people would start gangs because of family issues. In my book a kid named Paul moves to a new high-school after his dad had left him and his mother. Over time he was a happy kid, but met some new friends who led him in the wrong direction. So, many could start a gang due to being influenced by people at school, or friends. Paul also felt to join them because he felt his new “friend” Charlie would protect him in school. My 1st article over gangs in Kansas City, mentions that many gangs start up from many local people who would sell drugs. They would also be caused by similar people in the same neighborhood, school, or anyone around their city area. Some would join just because of anger issues and would want to emphasize violence. Gangs are also formed because some of the people have the same race or ethnic group. The 2nd article that I read over gangs described how the “Crips” gang was formed. Onto that, it goes on to say how gangs would expand throughout jails. They would start up by claiming turf, and any kids who lived near would be persuaded to join for “protection”. Some gangs would also start as an offshoot from another gang in a different city or place. Quotes:

“First, they can claim turf, and intimidate any kids who live in the neighborhood-if you want protection from the gang, you have to join. It causes them to feel that they have power over other people…” –page 2 (How do Gangs Start?) “Many local youths became involved in selling drugs and also adopted the gang culture brought from Los Angeles. They felt devoted to these groups...
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