Why Do People Sag Their Pants?

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Why Do People Sag Their Pants?
My question has been the same for many ages. I don't like the fact that so many people sag their pants. To me it looks nasty and showing off your underwear is not cool and I don't know why people think it would be. I have done this research on more than one occasion and not for a class assignment, but because I wanted to try and understand what they could possibly get out of such unruly attire. There have been quite a few stories going around about the exact beginnings of the habit of sagging one's pants. One of the answers to Why Do People Sag Their Pants may be traced a few years back, in prison of all places. There are actually two versions of Why Do People Sag Their Pants that may be traced back to men's prison. One reason is that men's prison pants are sometimes so loose on them that they tend to fall down, reaching several inches below the waist. As belts are not allowed in prison, for safety reasons, loose and sagging pants became commonplace here. Another story that traces back the roots of Why Do People Sag Their Pants in prison, is somewhat incredible but, some people attest to the authenticity of the tall tale. The story goes, male inmates sag their pants as an invitation for an intimate encounter with their fellow inmates. It was used as a sign that they welcome any intimate advances. While some consider this yarn as preposterous; it has still managed to reach legendary heights that people talk about it now and even see it as a huge probability as to the reason why people sag their pants.We have seen it often enough, mostly in young men, sagging pants that show off almost half of their boxers. Perplexing and troubling it may seem to some; this popular trend has been in mainstream street fashion for a couple of years now. While a few people may never understand the reason behind the question Why Do People Sag Their Pants; it has become a huge part in pop culture that when once it was looked upon as distasteful and perhaps even disturbing; nowadays, it has evolved into an acceptable mode of fashion.Whether the origin of the answer behind Why Do People Sag Their Pants may be traced back in prison or anywhere else; the habit of saggingone's pants became popular when famous hip hop artists and other singers started wearing their pants in this fashion. Fans of these music artists started following suit as they want to look as cool and hip as their favorite artists. What was once considered taboo, since showing one's underpants were a big no-no in social norms; has now become a fashion revolution in pop culture.Today,= teenagers and young adults alike wear their pants this way in practically all parts of the world. Nowadays too, when they are asked Why Do People Sag Their Pants; their quick reply would be because it is cool and it makes them feel they belong with the popular crowd. As with any trend in pop culture, most of us go along with what is popular at the moment for the reason that we want to belong. Perhaps the deeper underlying answer behind Why Do People Sag Their Pants is more on a personal level, where one wants to be considered as part of a circle; rather than an outcast. Whatever the reason, sagging ones pants has invaded mainstream fashion and is now considered as acceptable and even fashionable. Sorry for going over the limit,but this is something I really can't stand no matter how open-minded a sociologist is suppose to be.

Glee Assignment
Watch an episode of the television show “Glee”. Provide the following information:

- Identify the issue(s) faced by the students in the particular episode. Optimistic high school teacher Will Schuester tries to refuel his own passion while reinventing McKinley High's Glee Club and challenging a group of outcasts to realize their star potential. Going up against McKinley's cruel high school caste system and facing harsh criticism from everyone around him, Will is determined to prove them all wrong. After the music teacher in an...
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