Why Do People Lie

Topics: Lie, Truth, Reason Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Luisa F. Samayoa

Why do People Lie
If you are truthful in a relationship, nothing hurts more than hearing a lie from your partner; sometimes knowing the truth may hurt even more, yet still, in the longer run, a lie causes more damage than truth. Mark Twain once said, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

Lying is not as simple as telling the truth versus falsifying it. It is deeper than that. It may well be about creating a whole new set of truths that only the liar knows of. Today, I reflect on an interesting topic: why do people lie? Four years ago, I tried to understand why people lie, so I have been researching and learning from my friends and own experiences. Lying is a constant action that is used in a daily day.

So according to psychology today, much of the research shows that we tell 2 to 3 lies every 10 seconds. So, it’s about 9:30 now, suggest that most of us should have lied. Let’s take a look, how many of you have lied in the last 72 hours? Think back… Have told a fib, or a big one? How many have told a little lie out there? (Raise Hand) All right these are all the liars, make sure you pay attention to them. (Smile) No, that looked good, it was about 2/3 of you. The other 3rd. didn’t lie or perhaps forgot, or you’re lying to me about your lying, which is very devious. (Smile) SHOW STADISTICS Lying has been used in the past and is not a recent behavior that has been adapted, as a result has been carried through evolution. Here we have Diogenes with his lantern. Does anyone knows what he was looking for? A single honest man and he died without finding one back in Greece. Also, we have Confucius in the East who was really concerned with sincerity. So let me talk about new deceptions we have been tracking. They are called: The butler, Sock-puppet and the Chinese water. Let’s start with the Butlers. * On my way, anybody ever written on my way? (Raise hand) then you’ve also lied. We are never on...
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