Why Do People Frown Upon Spanking Kids

Topics: Corporal punishment, Spanking, Corporal punishment in the home Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Wanetia Dickerson
Professor Duke
English Composition 1301
24 May 2012
The Controversy of Spanking Your Children
Why has society frowned upon spanking your child? The psychologists say you should reason with your child, but how are you supposed to reason with a child? They are too young and not quite developed enough yet to see and understand reason. Many of us were spanked as children and turned out just fine. Is not spanking your child the reason why children and teens are more rude, disrespectful and no longer courteous to others than ever before?

I believe different punishments work on different children. I was a child that needed to be spanked because time-outs, yelling, grounding and taking things away didn't work on me. My brother on the other hand, yelling and taking things away worked for him. My brother was the kid that if you looked at him sternly he would cry me on the other hand would act up in public thinking I wouldn't get into trouble until I was taken to the bathroom. I was spanked, my mom was spanked, pretty much my whole family, so there for my daughters gets spanked. If they slightly acting up and I tell them to quit then I don't do it because it's harmless but when I feel that talking won't get through them they get a spanking. My six year old daughter is a prime example of a demon child. Time out and punishment does not work for her. I can put her on punishment, but by the time it is over she has forgotten what she has done wrong. When I put her in time out , she falls to sleep; yes for the two minutes she is in time out she will fall asleep. The only way I can get through to her is to pop her on her bottom a few times. I feel when I do this if she gets ready to do this again she will think twice about it, because she is going to remember mommy popped her and she is not going to what this again. They did it back in the day and even schools and I think it should be brought back into the school system. I agree that kids these days are...
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