Why Do People Feel That Their Lives Are a Series of Traps? Do You Feel the Same? in What Way?

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Why do people feel that their lives are a series of traps? Do you feel the same? In what way?
People feel that their lives are a series of traps because they sense that within their everyday worlds, they cannot overcome their troubles yet another trouble is about to come. They feel in their worlds they can’t overcome their troubles. They feel it because they are bounded by their private borders, their visions and powers are limited to their job, family, neighborhood, school, etc. Also when people became more aware of ambitions and threats in life, that’s the time when they feel that they are trapped in their own life, in their own time.

Yes, I feel the same sometimes; I feel that there are times that my life is a series of traps. For example, this new environment, my school when I am in high school is very near; it is only two blocks away from our house. But now, PUP is very far from our residence, yet, I have no companies to be with, I have to travel alone for three hours every day and I am not used in travelling alone before and I am troubling with my safety whenever I am travelling. Also, I am not a sociable type, so being with a new environment is quite upsetting for me.

No, I do have troubles in life but I never feel that my life is a series of traps. My troubles usually didn't bother me that much. Maybe because I always try to accept and move on and look forward. Also, I know that fear and worrying won’t change a thing that’s why I just keep on going positive.
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