Why Do Nations Go to War

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  • Published : August 28, 2010
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Ofelia Vives

Gladys Porter High School

English III AP

11th Grade

Why fighting when there is communication

War is always a matter of doing evil in the hope good may come of it. While the killing of a person is a crime and it’s punishable, but indeed war is not even though thousands of innocents die for it. War is something that happens when communication fails between two or more nations. Reasons why war occurs varies from country from country, but often is generated by territorial, religious, and economically purposed, and these factors could be easily solved diplomatically without the need of war.

Primary purpose why nations fight each other is for territorial expansion, this happen when a country wants to take control over the land of another country. Most nations have a viewpoint that the more land a nation has the more powerful they are. An example of this type of this factor; takes place in the Middle East; the War of Independence in Israel1948. This war was fought by the Jews and their Arabs counterparts because Arabs living Israel did not want a portion of the country wanted all. After Israel declared its independence was attacked by its neighbors. Since that day, Israel has been territorial struggle not just with its neighbors and the Palestine but with world opinions as it continues to hold on the land that is biblical theirs.

Religious beliefs is a factor that generates war, since the beginning of time countries have gone to war over the fact that the religious belief system of one’s country reigned supreme and when the other country doesn’t summit to the other, then both nation entered to a war and the defeated country would be assimilated in to the other’s belief system. For instance, since the cruxification of Jesus Christ, Christians and Muslins went on war with one another for centuries. For the longest time, the war between these two religions would be fought over the control of Jerusalem. The Muslims would win;...
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