Why Do Mexicans Have Pride for Being Mexican When They Live in America?

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Why do mexicans have pride for being mexican when they live in America? My parents are both mexicans and they left mexico because it is a poor country that is extremely corrupt. They have a deep respect for americans and the american way of life. They feel that the american way of life is superior. My dad only watches english television and only reads in english. My dad inculcated in me a sense of pride for being an american. When my brother was young, at an assembly, he felt lazy and didn't do the pledge of allegiance. My dad scolded him and told that he should always do it. My dad would tell me horrible stories of the poverty he had to live through. His family was so poor they would sometimes have to eat animal feed during the dry season. My parents dislike the corrupt mexican government and thank god that they were able to come to america. Mexico has (like i said) a corrupt government, high poverty rate, drug cartels that hold the country hostage and a poor educational system. Don't get me wrong, i love mexican culture, food and the language. I'm a spanish literature major and i don't dislike my fellow spanish speaking brethren. But i think we should appreciate the opportunities this great country gave us and not a aggrandize life in mexico. I think we need to copy the asian immigrants and put more emphasis on educating our youth. That is something we can be proud of. To finish, when people ask me if i'm mexican or mexican american, i tell them "no, my parents are from mexico, im American!"

Why do comparatively so many Mexicans migrate illegally?
Part of the explanation has to do with Mexico’s relative poverty and proximity. Mexico shares a 2000-mile land border with the United States. This border marks the largest income gap between any two neighboring countries in the world. The US-Mexico border is also something that meant much less in the past, and hundreds of thousands of Mexicans used to come and go between home and the US every year with relative...
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