Why Do Marriages Fail?

Topics: Health care, Management, Health informatics Pages: 3 (368 words) Published: April 23, 2013

• Coordinate operations of allied health staff in the outpatient, inpatient setting for a department/division in alignment with institutional and department/division mission, vision, and objectives.

• Serves as a key member of the leadership team with a primary focus on planning and implementation of policies and systems.

• Facilitates project management while leading a multidisciplinary team including financial analysis, problem solving, and team collaboration.

• Regulates staffing in accordance with fluctuating workload.

• Partners in the support of department/division and institutional projects, staff recruitment, policy implementation, and serves as a primary resource for issues and communications.

• Performs duties independently and initiates judgment in handling a variety of management issues

• In charge of the coordination, implementation and supervision of the delivery of healthcare services

• Coordination of vendor related activities, to include support and contract execution.

• Sets direction for short term and long-term initiatives.

• Develops and maintains accountability system through IT services

• Serves as a liaison between Management, IT, medical, nursing, and allied health staff and the department concerning hospital issues

• Ensures proper fiscal management of all health information systems, and technology initiatives.

• Management of application support initiatives or administrative support initiatives that impact health care operations.

• Work with users and administration to resolve IT related issues

• Communicate direction and goals to team members

• Maintain interface with departmental personnel to ensure there is adequate space and facilities for patient care and coordination of facilities.

• Oversee patient care flow while redirecting and allocating resources. *Determine necessary space,...
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