Why Do College Students Cheat

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“Plagiarism, having a friend text message test answers, and buying essays online are all ways in which college students cheat in their classes.” (Myers, 2002) “The consequences are severe, ranging from a failing grade for an assignment or the course to expulsion from a college.” (Myers, 2002) “Yet even with these consequences, some college students continue cheating.” (Myers, 2002) No matter what kind of college it may be, cheating happens everywhere. Why does cheating happen? “If students know it is dishonest and hurts their grades, why do they continue to do it?” (Myers, 2002)

“Academic cheating is pervasive on college campuses.” (Quaye & Lutovsky, 2010) Researchers have studied prevalence of cheating, factors related to cheating, and characteristics of cheaters.”(Quaye & Lutovsky, 2010) “However, little is known about why students cheat.” (Quaye & Lutovsky, 2010) There are many reasons that we may believe students to cheat. Pressure of high grades, no time to complete papers, study or do homework. No one knows for sure, but those are a couple possible reasons for a student to cheat. I myself can say I’ve never cheated in college, but in high school I did. I think we all have done it a time or two. Cheating is something I’m sure everyone can relate to.

Have you ever felt like the pressure for good grades is on? Students and families often have very high expectations about grade achievements; especially if they were accustomed to getting good grades. (Student Affairs, Carnegie Mellon University) Not only do high expectations come into effect, but also the pressure of maintaining a certain GPA to get into your majors. Pressure of getting good grades is something a lot of students may struggle with and that is one of the reasons why a student may cheat.

So let's say you feel bad about cheating and want to stop. What can you do so you won't be so tempted? First, try to relieve the pressure on you to get high grades. Talk to you parents or maybe even your...
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