Why Do Children Run Away from Home in Afghanistan

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Asadullah Rahimi
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Section 0011
Why do children run away from home in Afghanistan?
Today, many families are faced with the problem of children both boys and girls escaping from home and it have negatively affected the Afghans society. However, in different cases it is considered as a very epidemic problem in Afghanistan. There might be many reasons why this unusual phenomenon happens in Afghanistan, so far; here I will discuss some major causes. To begin with, the first major problem why many young girls are trying to escape is forced marriage which means that their parents marry them to an older or a rich person for taking lots of money. Moreover, this is concerned as a deep violated cause of children- especially girls’ life in Afghanistan. However, legal marriage age is 18 for boys and 16 for girls in Afghanistan. Today there are many families who marry their children to very old men, who might be as old as their grandparents. Further their parents take a lot of money such as 70, 0000 Rs dowry. Moreover, due to this problem, girls are compelled to run a way because they can’t suffer living with an old man. This problem has injured many young girls who finally fornicate with other young boys and live the rest of their life in prison. As a final point, this epidemic problem has spread out to every part of the country, which many families are struggling with, these days. Additionally, the next major reason for that has affected Afghan society is poverty. There are some families whose financial situations are very low and they don’t have any property or power to gain money and meet their daily expenses. In these kinds of families children are forced to earn some money even if it is through begging. So most of children can’t earn money and they have no choice but to leave their family. On the other hand, some smugglers or mafia organization exploit to make them run away from homes for their own benefits. For instance, near the main entrance of the...
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