Why Did I Chose Easwick?

Topics: Magnetic resonance imaging, Heart, Ultrasound Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: February 16, 2011
I wanted to continue my education. A friend of mine mentioned that Eastwick College could help students achieve their goals and succeed in the future. I therefore decided that the idea of going to Eastwick College could give me potential to have a better career. At Eastwick students are offered a two-year vocational course in medical, technology, trade and business career programs. Only Eastwick College has a fast and better schedule for the evening students, and most of all, Eastwick College offers different types of financial aid. These are the reasons I chose Eastwick College. Eastwick was the only school that really helped me solve my dilemma regarding financial need. At Eastwick College I became qualified for a Pell-Grants loan, which provides free money for education (FAFSA). I also qualified for the Subsidized Stafford loan. Having been qualified, I don’t have to worry about tuition fees as long as I complete my Associate’s degree. If I fail a subject or stop attending classes, however, I will have to pay the school back. As soon as I made it to the school I decided to work in the medical field. I first thought about becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) because that job is in demand and I could find a job easily either in a hospital or a business clinic. It also offers a good salary. The LPN program, however, is very difficult to follow. The Cardio Vascular Ultrasound Sonography program interested me more because my family and relatives have heart diseases. In fact, my young cousin recently discovered he has a rheumatic heart disease. I chose this course because I think the heart is easy to learn and students in the entire program will also learn EKG, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and some Phlebotomy for certification. Eastwick College offers classes in the daytime and evening. I chose to be an evening student because I go to work during the day. The evening students have Fridays off, so I have the time to rest and study more than I would if I...
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