Why Did Ww2 Start

Topics: Treaty of Versailles, World War II, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: November 15, 2011
In 1919, Lloyd George of England, Orlando of Italy, Clemenceau of France and Woodrow Wilson from the US met to discuss how Germany was to be made to pay for the damage world war one had caused. Woodrow Wilson wanted a treaty based on his 14-point plan which he believed would bring peace to Europe. Georges Clemenceau wanted revenge. He wanted to be sure that Germany could never start another war again. Lloyd George personally agreed with Wilson but knew that the British public agreed with Clemenceau. He tried to find a compromise between Wilson and Clemenceau. Germany had been expecting a treaty based on Wilson's 14 points and were not happy with the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. However, they had no choice but to sign the document. The main terms of the Treaty of Versailles were * War Guilt Clause - Germany should accept the blame for starting World War One * Reparations - Germany had to pay £6,600 million for the damage caused by the war * Disarmament - Germany was only allowed to have a small army and six naval ships. No tanks, no air force and no submarines were allowed. The Rhineland area was to be de-militarised. * Territorial Clauses - Land was taken away from Germany and given to other countries and a union with Austria was forbidden.

Adolf Hitler became president of Germany in January 1933. He straight away builds up Germany's army and weapons. In 1934 he made the size bigger the size of the army, by building warships and created a German air force. Compulsory military service was started. Britain and France were aware of Hitler's actions; they were also worried about the rise of Communism and thought that a stronger Germany might help to prevent the spread of Communism. In 1936 Hitler made his German troops to enter the Rhineland. When this happened the German army was not very strong and could have been easily defeated. But France or Britain wasn’t prepared to start another war. Hitler also made two important allies in 1936....
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