Why Did Women Get the Vote in 1918

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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Why did women get the vote in 1918?
The government had a problem because men fighting in the war would not be able to vote in the election. The government changed the law so that the soldiers could vote. Women’s groups saw their opportunity and began to put pressure on the government to include votes for women in the changed law. David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister, was a supporter of women voting but not the use of violence. The Suffragettes stopped campaigning in the beginning of the war and supporting their country and acting responsible, they thought that they would get the vote in exchange. This put them on good terms with the Prime Minister. So the Parliament gave vote to women over 30 because the Parliament thought they were happier with older married family women who had done less in the War and were not after jobs in industry and would probably vote exactly as their husband did. The reason why they didn’t give the vote to women younger than 30 because the government saw them as unstable too much an unknown quality. Since the women who did most of the war work were young, single and working class. Women proved themselves able to undertake work that was regarded just for men. Women’s image had changed dramatically by 1918. Instead of women being frail, sheltered, leisured and private, women could now be courageous, responsible, cheerful and outgoing. Many women saw the suffering and anguish of men as they had not in previous wars and worked side by side with men as comrades and friends. This During the war, women taking over men’s jobs proved that women could perform men’s jobs. In some jobs, women were better as their jobs. If you give in to violence to get their way, the next time, they will do the same thing to get their way. Men who organized anti-suffrage groups

Bias, propaganda
Causes, political etc.
Sources on isle.
Short term\- the war
Long term – suffragists, suffragettes.
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