Why Did William Duke of Normandy Won the Battle of Hasting ?

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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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William duke of Normandy won the battle of hasting on October 25th 1066 in Senlac Hill, near Hastings, East Wessex (nowadays sorthern England). There are many reasons for why did William won the battle of Hastings against Harold Godwinson and I am going to tell them. William duke of Normandy known as William, the bastard, was a French man. He ruled a part called Normandy, strikingly Edward the confessor was from there. He had promised the throne of England to William after he had died. William was a cruel man, as he had skinned 30 people alive because they were making fun of his mother’s family. Harold was tricked by William when he made him promise that he would help William win the throne but, he didn’t knew that he had promised on bones of saints Harold Godwinson was an English man. He had ruled a part of England called Wessex and was the most powerful man in England .his sister was married to Edward the confessor .The legend says that Edward the confessor changed his mind and said that he would give Harold the throne. As Edward was dying he pointed his finger towards Harold so people believed that Edward had given the throne of England to Harold. The throne was given to Harold Godwinson. William was also the bravest of his time and he was also very well organized .William was also younger than Harold so this might be the reason .As all the people were Christians in England at that time, the French also had the papal banner (the flag of the pope) because a week before Harold had promised William that he would help him win the throne of England but he didn’t knew that he had promised in the box full of bones of saints, so Harold felt tricked so he broke the promise. All the English army was scared that the French had the papal banner so they thought that God was on the French side. Harald Hadrada (the king of Vikings) lost a bloody battle of Stamford Bridge in the same morning against Harold...
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