Why Did War Break Out in 1914?

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Why did war break out in 1914?

The First World War transpired to turn into the bloodiest battle ever fought barring the Second World War. However, WW1 was the war that shock the world; the first war that encompassed every continent in one-way or another. The annihilation that lay residue in the years after was unheard of. Tens of millions of people died. The Great War spanned four years and involved many nation states. 1914 proved to be the beginning of the most revolutionary five years in recent history. The war ended in 1919. Such destruction justified the naming “The war to end all wars”. For the duration of this essay I will be contemplating why the war broke out. Why this essay is interesting is because there is no wrong answer. In my opinion the war broke out because of alliances, I will back this point up later in the essay. Unlike the Second World War the origin of WW1 was complex and filled with deceit. WW1 was mainly fought in mainland Europe. The main alliances involved were the central power and the Trois Entente. These two fought the most publicised and the renowned parts of the war. Although predominately fought in Europe the imperial force of nearly every “root country” involved created a war that spread across the world. The war spread across the globe in the end thirty-two countries fought in World War One.

In my opinion, it may seem unorthodox, the trigger event was the least important factor in the war breaking in out in 1914. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, on 28 June 1914 is widely regarded as the cause of World War One. A Serbian terrorist, Gavrilo Princip, was the assassin. He shot both Ferdinand and his wife Sophie at point-blanc range (the second murder attempt of the day). Ferdinand was visiting Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a southern state of Austria-Hungary, in an open topped car; not in any sense protecting himself. A War was becoming inevitable in the heated...
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