Why Did the West Imperialize East Asian Countries?

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Why Did the West Imperialize East Asian Countries?
: A positive or negative effect.

Claire Lay

East Asian History

It was Marco Polo's tales of encountering China for the first time, and talk of Asian spices, accounts of exotic raw materials, agriculture, new technology, and a large consumer population that that first enticed western ideals. Since the late 13th and early 14th centuries, missionaries have been back and forth through Asia spreading the Christian word; all though it was truly was Polo’s grand tales that spiked westerners’ interests in Asia. According to the dictionary imperialism is defined as, the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies, though some mite define it as an unequal and possible an unwanted dominative relationship between one nation and another. The true question is; did imperialism have a positive or negative effect on these East Asian countries?

According to our book Westernization became popular and in 1890 Japan, from the style of clothing to even writing a western style constitution, also leading China to do the same. Imperialism, while invasive, did bring civilization and economic affluence to many third-world countries. “Modern transportation and communications technologies, such as the steamship, the railway, and the telegraph, knit the planet together, more tightly than ever before”[1]Western Imperialism introduced Asia to new western technologies, philosophies, and commercial markets. Some could say that at the time the majority of East Asia was willing to accept the west’s intrusion, having a seemingly positive effect on the area. Originally Western Imperialism in Asia was intended for establishing new colonies, but in time it became way to secure new commercial markets for western made products and raw materials to feed back to their industrial industries[2]. “In eighteenth-century wave of...
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