Why Did the Weimar Republic Survive the Crisis of 1923-24?

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  • Published : February 28, 2009
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Why did the Weimar republic survive the crisis of 1923-24? The French allied invasion of the Ruhr in January 1923 catapulted the fragile Weimar Republic into the direst crisis of its short life. From it, confidence in a completely depleted currency as well as control over major political unrest from both left and right wing radicals had to be restored. The invasion came about due to the inability of the German regime to make reparation payments on time to France as their economy was faltering under the weight of inherited wartime-problems coupled with a loss of confidence post acceptance of a humiliating treaty. This gave way for French troops to occupy the German industrial heartland of Ruhr as a way of enforcing the Treaty of Versailles by taking what they claimed was owed to them. The Weimar government had to act, knowing that with capitulation to the occupying troops, uproar would race the country greatly threatening their current position as well as any hope of the Republic gaining any future appeal among its people. However, the foolishness of attempting any direct confrontation with occupying troops was also appreciated, thus temporary resolution came by calling for 'passive resistance'. However, passive resistance was only to be a temporary solution. With industry at a complete standstill and many out of work according to the strike, welfare had to be made available to all taking part, hugely adding to the countries already oversized budget deficit. This crippled the economy and lent a fatal blow to the currency which lost all its value. A ragging hyperinflation which had never occurred so severely throughout history soon followed. With the country burred under a mountain of worthless banknotes and people driven to the limits of their endurance, the appeal of extremist parties grew as they offered a solution to the apparent incompetence of the government. Extreme measures had to be taken to save the future of the Republic and they came in the form of...
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