Why Did the Us Enter Wwi

Topics: Cold War, Vietnam War, Containment Pages: 3 (571 words) Published: January 2, 2013

Jesus Salcedo
Government 5
Mr. Sarcone
23 November 2012

The ugly American
Novel by William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick
Directed by George Englund

I. Introduction

II. U.S. Ambassador Gilbert Macwhite.

III. Sarkhan Revolutionary leader Deong

IV. Conclusion

V. Discuss “Battle of little rock”

VI. Discuss the domin theory

VII. Discuss the Vietnam war PG 497

VIII. Discuss the undeclasred war PG 401

The ugly American was a story that took place about the same time the cold war/ Vietnam War was occurring. In a little country called south Sarkhan, the U.S. wanted to stop the spread of communism and did not want the domino theory to happen with sarkhan. With that being said the U.S. helped Sarkhan in the battle to save their country, but at the same time used Sarkhan for their own good. A couple of the main characters in this story to help save Sarkhan were good friends U.S. ambassador Gilbert Macwhite and revolutionary leader Deong. Little did these two know that this would turn into a political war?

During the movie, Macwhite is interviewed by the U.S. congress. He talks about Deong not being and communist and the congress disagreed. He later thinks Deong is a communist but finally comes to a conclusion at the end of the movie and says he is not a communist. He also spoke about the policy of containment and the domino theory which related to sarkhan. The U.S. ambassador Macwhite met Deong during a war and after that they became friends and kept a good friendship. Before becoming U.S. ambassador, Macwhite was the vice president of Macwhite publications (really did not have any experience in the government).

Revolutionary leader of Sarkhan (Deong), had many political views about the U.S. as well. He viewed America as an imperialistic country. He also thought that democracy was a fraud and stated that it is for “white people only”. Deong later “said that ‘America will always be a...
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