Why Did the North Not Get Along with the South During the Early 1800's

Topics: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Southern United States Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: April 10, 2011
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During the early 1800’s the paths of the north and the south began to grow in opposite directions, making simple compromises became harder and more difficult to deal with as the north continued to produce a large amount of abolitionists and the south never strayed from slavery. The south felt like the north was taking advantage of them in various ways. As the north and the south began to go their own ways they began to differentiate there became apparent disagreements in every aspect of a civilization. Politically, the south felt cornered. They felt that there was only one option that could free the south from the biased compromises and rulings of the north, which was to secede from the union. Their social differences mainly was based on the issue of slavery while economically the north was very industrialized while the south continued to produce crops on plantations.

In 1820 the bond between the north and the south was still strong enough to maintain peace and create compromises to honor each section of the countries beliefs. The Missouri compromise was an one of the last instances where the south showed that they could handle the north’s vastly different ideas. The Missouri compromise was an act to keep the balance between the slave and non-slave states. The supreme court even made decisions that may have helped preserve the peace between the north and the south. The political parties became deeply entwined with the beliefs of north and south. The north being vastly republican while the majority of the south were southern democratic (Doc H). Each side wasn’t afraid to let their opinion be known to the public. The north had anti-slavery conventions where abolitionists could express their ideas. (Doc B). Everything had to be either compromised or disagreed upon so it made sense for the north and south to eventually completely brake apart unless one side could change. In the late 1850’s the first talk of secession could be heard. This to...
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