Why Did the Left Republican Government (1931-1933) Fail?

Topics: Left-wing politics, Right-wing politics, French Revolution Pages: 3 (751 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The second Spanish republic was set up in 1931 after the poor leadership of King Alfonso XIII together with the failure of Primo de Rivera. Many people thought that life would improve under the new leadership of the Left wing parties. The left was made up Socialists, Liberals, Radicals and the Republicans.

In 1931 the left were elected into Parliament. The left wing party won by are large majority beating the Right who were made up of Generals and Officers, the Church, landowners and Monarchists. It was very easy for the left to get things heard as they took over half of the seats therefore being the majority rulers. Many people believed that the right wing parties lost as they were not as united as the left was. The right suffered a huge number of splits which made it hard to contest with the left.

The first law that was put into place out of the new left wing constitution stated that there was going to be a change in how Spain was run. They wanted to change Spain into a secular state, limiting the influences the Church had over Spain the constitution said that the Church now have have no power within the government and there would no longer be religiously run schools and there would no longer be a state religion. It also said that there were land and social reforms being put into place as well as free speech and divorce was made legal. Land reforms were also planned as were social reforms. Not everyone agreed with this new constitution; landowners were angered as they felt that their own power would decrease.

President Azana was in favor of these changes but The Prime Minister Alcala Zemora thought that these changes were far to extreme. Many people thought that these were good changes as they thought that the church had too much say in the ruling of Spain . Many people would say that this is one of the places were the Left wing parties slipped up, they directed all of their attention on the running of Spain and not the people of Spain.

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