Why Did the League of Nations Fail in the 1930s?

Topics: World War II, League of Nations, Manchuria Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Why did the League of Nations fail in the 1930s?

CAUSE OF FAILURE| MANCHURIAN CRISIS| FAILURE OF DISARMAMENT| ABYSSINIAN CRISIS| The self-interest of leading membersThe League depended on the firm support of Britain and France. During conflicts, they were not prepared to abandon their own self-interest to support the League.Economic sanctions did not workLeague members would not impose them since they were worried that without America they would not work. When sanctions were imposed they were easily broken.Lack of troopsThe League had no armed forces and Britain and France were not willing to commit troops.Decisions were slowThe League met infrequently and took too long to make decisions. The need for all members to agree on a course of action undermined the strength of the League.America and other important countries were absentGermany did not join until 1926 and left in 1933. The USSR did not join until 1934 whilst Japan left in 1933 and Italy in 1937. The USA was never a member. The League therefore lacked authority. The Treaties it had to uphold were seen as unfairThe League was supposed to uphold the peace treaties, but it became apparent that there were unfair. This undermined the league.| When the league judged that Japan were wrong, instead of obeying and withdrawing from Manchuria, Japan said they intended to invade more of China and resign from the league proving they were self interested to obey the league.Sanctions would be meaningless without America. The league considered banning arms sales, but member countries disagreed. China and USA put up tariffs against Japanese kids, this put Japan in an economic crisis. Japan had a very powerful army. There was no prospect of Britain or France risking their navies or armies in a war with Japan. Only the USA or USSR would have the resources to remove the Japanese from Manchuria by force but they were not members of the league.When China appealed to the League, it took a full year for...
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