why did the english civil war break out in 1642?

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  • Published : September 22, 2013
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The English civil war broke out in 1642 between King Charles II and parliament. In the following essay I will state some of the most important factors of how the war broke out. In my conclusion I will some up what I think the main factor was that broke out war between the King and parliament. There were significant political views between the king and parliament. Charles wanted to do whatever he wanted because he thought that was what the king could do. He brought in unnecessary taxes into England, such as ship tax which wasn’t needed because the country was not in a war with another country. The sailors did not like ship tax because it meant they had to pay money that didn’t need to be paid that would be spent on the king’s lavish luxurious lifestyle. Parliament on the other hand wanted to have as much power as possible and wanted to overthrow Charles. Parliament introduced the Grand Remonstrance which was a document that said all of the misdeeds that Charles had done. They also introduced the 19 propositions. They took power away from Charles, so Charles ruled without parliament for a period of time. This made parliament and Charles angry at each other causing the country to split into two groups. Parliament and the king were each building up their own armies. They both knew that the only way to solve the problem was to have a civil war. This is because without each other the country would not be right. Charles had to face many financial problems. He lots of arguments with parliament about these problems and many of them were linked to religious and political issues. He needed money to fight wars against Spain and France. He also needed to control the uprisings in Scotland and he had to pay of his own expenses from his lavish lifestyle. He was only getting only a seventh of the money he requested from parliament so he decided to rule without them. This lasted from 1629 to 1640. This didn’t help him with his money raising though because he wasn’t being paid at...
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