Why Did the Colonist Rebel

Topics: Boston Tea Party, Tax, Tea Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: October 13, 2011
he primary reason was due to the Stamp Tax, which placed a tax on everyday consumer goods. Colonists by this time had been in the colonies in many cases for 2 generations, so many had never set foot in England. The idea that they had colonized the land and were producing much of England's raw resources, yet did not have representation in the House of Lords or House of Commons to protest taxation lead to the revolt. "Taxation without Representation" was the main issue. The tipping point came when tea, a popular drink of the time, was taxed. The East Indian Company controlled the tea market. From what I've read, they were given a lot of support from the British government and were able to deliver tea to the docks in the colonies avoiding some of the taxes other companies would pay. This unfair advantage angered many colonists as well. The British government answered the unruliness of the colonists by sending troops to be quartered in citizens' homes. It would be similar to someone knocking at your door at home and saying, "We're taking over your place - give us your beds and feed us." While intended to protect the British port interests from unrest, the plan backfired by angering the colonists who by this point were more "American" than English. The Boston Tea Party was a result of these swelling issues. In terms of cost of vandalism, I seem to recall reading that it would be equivalent in today's dollars to $1 Billion worth of damage, a wake up call. To summarize, imagine fleeing a country that would not allow you to worship the way you wanted (Church of England or leave) to arrive in an untamed land. You and your fellow colonists work to make something out of it. Then the next thing you know, the government you fled decides they should be able to tax you and take the profit from your hard work, and they are going to play favorites with the East Indian Company when it comes time for them to deliver items they are collecting taxes on, effectively giving them a...
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