why did the arms race help cause WW1

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  • Published : October 3, 2013
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The Arms Race was a race to build the biggest army, navy and air force in preparation for looming conflict. All countries except Britain and Germany tried to build colossal armies. Britain and Germany instead tried to build up their respective navies, as Germany wanted their navy to beat the size of Britain's.  In Germany they had the biggest army, and it was the best trained and most powerful out of all armies involved in World War One. However Britain, being completely surrounded by water, had large powerful navy helped to keep the empire safe. Also, it wasn't until after WW1 that Air Force really played its part, as planes were still rather early in development and could not fly from country to country and accurately bomb a target.  All the countries began a "contest" for who was the best by doing all that stuff. They all really wanted to "show off" their weapons etc. So because of that everyone(countries) are thinking that the other is going to attack them and it kept going on and on. Because of that the countries started making alliances with other countries. When the Archduke of Austria-Hungary was killed and Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Then because of the alliances almost all of Europe was in the war. 1. a. After examining one of the maps of Europe, explain whether Germany or Great Britain had the greater need for a strong navy. Germany

b. Explain why you chose this country.
Because Germany was surrounded by the Triple Entente (the Great Britain, France, Russia). So Germany was land-locked. Germany needed a strong navy so that it would have a place in Europe, and to confront other countries. c. Based on the state of the arms race in 1914, if you were a German citizen, how would you feel? Explain why. I would feel nervous but I would feel more confident. Once again Germany is not on good terms with the countries surrounding them. It would cause tension seeing soldiers with guns walking along boarders every day. But Germany catapulted from...
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