Why Did Oskar Schindler Do It?

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  • Published : June 20, 2005
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The Holocaust usually refers to Nazi Germany's systematic genocide of various peoples during the Second World War, the main target of this designed massacre being the Jews. Approximately 6 million Jews became the victims of this fanatical racism, slaughter, and cruelty. However, in all this madness, there were still a few people with sound conscience and courage to act against these atrocities. The most famous of these heroes would be Oskar Schindler, the once opportunistic businessman who, later, spent every last of his pennies to save his 1200 "Schindler Jews." People often deliberate on why Oskar Schindler did what he did. However, the issue of interest should not be focused on why Oskar Schindler did what he did but rather, on why no one else did what he did. The exact reason that makes Schindler a hero is that he did what everyone else did not dare to do. The initial depiction made of Schindler is not exactly one of high morals and a good conscience. Although Schindler was born in a deeply religious Catholic family, his early years of life were colored with materialism and debauchery. He was notorious for being a greedy exploiter of slave workers, a black-marketer, a gambler, a member of the Nazi party, and an alcoholic playboy. However, this most hated and degraded of man became the most revered saviors of modern times. Oskar Schindler succeeded in accomplishing something everyone else deemed impossible. The saving of the first Schindler Jews began in 1939, when he opened up a small enamel shop right outside of Krakow near the Jewish ghetto. Here, he employed mostly Jewish workers, thus, saving them from being deported to labor camps. Then in 1942, when Schindler found out that the local Krakow Jews were being sent to the brutal Plazow labor camp, he convinced the S. S. and the Armaments Administration to set up a sub-camp in his factory. They agreed, and Schindler took even those who were unfit and unqualified for work. In turn, he spared 900...
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