why did Orwell choose to write about animals rather than humans?

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Essay question: why did Orwell choose to write about animals rather than humans? By writing about animals instead of humans it enables the audience to think more critically about their own political leaders and to see the way which the maintain power. Quote: napoleon sprung forward with a cry ‘death to humanity’. If Orwell decided to write about humans rather than animals the whole entire book would be taken completely out of context to how he visualised and produced his book as we know it today. I am generally saying that if his book had of been writing about humans it would be mundane and boring and would keep your eyes glued to the page of the book, it would not be symbolic as the book is, such as the resemblances between the pigs and communist dictators trying to control everything seen to their eyes. It would be more like the history of all the communist leaders that came in the form of facts instead of really thinking of the symbolic mannerisms of the pigs that lead you to think of who they resemble. If he wrote about people it would have turned into factual mundane and dreary book about dictators and war mongers. Instead of a great book about animals and how when you dream about something it can happen but not always to plan. And if he had of wrote about people it would have been about how all leaders change the rules to suite their own needs but with animals it makes you think about everything and not just how that all leaders are assholes. It’s a lot more gripping and what say easier topic to write about; in this case it may have been a better option for George Orwell to write about. Such as he could add in his own made up parts to history to make he’s story more intriguing to keep you glued to the page. To write about humans wouldn’t have been as exiting adding emotions to every page in the book.
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