Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?

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Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on december 7, 1941?

The Second World War, that happened a long time ago, has made a dent in history. Many people were born since then; many of them lived their lives already. But the echo of past reminds about itself in our days when every supermarket could be compared with horn of Almathaea and petrol stations are wherever you look. There were times when the economy of some countries was not well. And in order to find new resources, the governments was ready for everything.

I will take a very popular occasion the history of our planet. Everybody watched, I think, “Pearl Harbor” movie. Many people suffered with the heroes. But not everybody knows why Japan attacked the US fleet. At that time Japan was depended upon American oil. And when “Uncle Sam” made embargo for main propellant of world progress, it was gripping step forward the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese perceived this step as aggressive one against their country.

The admiral Yamamoto did not want to go to war against the US because he was the follower of peaceful regulations of any conflicts. But attack was necessary. First, there was a concentration of American Fleet in Pearl Harbor, so neutralization of this object would have afforded free actions of Japanese army and Fleet in south-east Asia, which gave the opportunity of a new market outlet and resources of oil. Secondly, it was an answer to the “ex-friend” for its betrayal. From this moment anti-war spirited America added to the great battle.

I think that Japan used very cruel methods of getting new resources. Pearl Harbor became a trigger point for American peaceful calmness.
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