Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor

Topics: Paul von Hindenburg, Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler Pages: 4 (1542 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Why did Hitler become Chancellor?
Many Historians agree the key event of Hitler´s rise to power was his appointment of Chancellor the 30th of January 1933 by the former German President von Hindenburg, who ruled the country since 1925 and was reelected in 1932. Although in the elections of July 1932 Hitler won 37.5% of the parliamentary seats (230), making the Nazi party the largest in the Reichstag, whereas he should have been Chancellor, he did not rise to power, as Hindenburg did not appoint him as himself, Franz von Papen and General von Schleicher hated and distrusted Hitler and were scared of his radical political ideology, expressed in his autobiography “Mein Kampf”. President von Hindenburg appointed Franz von Papen as Chancellor, who hoped to form a right-wing coalition with the Nazis and other right-wing parties with Adolf Hitler as vice-chancellor. Without the support of Hitler, who claimed full power, von Papen could not form a government, forcing Hindenburg to call another election in November of the same year in which the Nazis lost 34 seats. In a fight to get power between von Papen, who lost his credibility, as he was not able to get support of the Reichstag and Schleicher, who turned against him and stopped supporting him. Firstly von Schleicher is appointed Chancellor in December 1932, but resigns and Hitler is made Chancellor, by the desperate Hindenburg. There are four crucial areas to look at to understand why Hilter was appointed Chancellor: Winning the elections in 1932, the fact, that there was no strong alternative, Chaos in Germany and the discredited Weimar Republic. First of all, to be the most powerful party in the Reichstag with 37% of the votes in 1932, he promised solutions to the everyday problems. In his propaganda he offered national unity, prosperity and full employment by getting rid of what they claimed were the real causes of the troubles: Marxists “the November criminals” (those who agreed to the armistice in November...
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