Why Did Henry Viii Break with Rome

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Protestant Reformation, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: June 16, 2013
DRAFT Why did King Henry VIII break with Rome?

Who was H8?
he liked to upset people
ideas of his own
selfish person
King ruled England
made enemies
1) Henry 8 was the king of England and he ruled the land in 1509 – 1547 he was known for replacing the Roman Catholic Church to create the Church of England. He was also known for nocking the monasteries down in England. He had six marriages because he was hoping for a son so the son could be a king. Henry the 8s farther henry the 7th and his mother Elizabeth of York. Henry the 8th seems to be adventurous by taking on the pope and arguing about believes. He also had an habit of upsetting the pope and other people.henry the 8th was a selfish king because ………………….

Three factors
There were three reasons why henry wanted to break with the Roman Catholic Church in Rome and they all related to the power of the pope and the catholic religion. Henry desperately wanted the son but the Catholic Church wouldn’t allow him to divorce Catharine so he could marry Anne Boleyn who he believed to give him a son. Henry is annoyed because the pope had lots of money. Henry’s normal income was about 500,000 a year. Between 1536 and 1547 he received an extra 140,000.To get total control he made himself head of church and made chore the pope had no authority in England. People disagreed with him. The king was also head of church and that was the first time in English history. MAIN BODY

Money: he took over the monasteries taking all there gold and silver and there land and he made an enormous amount of money. The act of annates 1532 ended the payment of taxes of the pope. His father had left him lots of money. Henry VII In 1536 Henry used his new power to start to close down the monasteries and take their land and money.

he made himself head of church so the pope no longer had any authority in England. He set replacing the power of the pope in England with the power of...
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