Why Did Germans Support Hitler?

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  • Published : September 14, 2008
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Nowadays we see Hitler as one of the most evil men to ever have lived. But it is important to realise that the Germans who voted for him are not at fault. They saw a man who could rebuild their country, restore nation al pride, and bring them back from desperate poverty and hyper-inflation.

At the time he was a very modern, up to date person. He took advantage of the available technology. For example he was one of the first German politicians to fly in an aeroplane. He almost brain washed the country, by giving them hope of a better future, and shifting the blame of the nation’s state onto a common enemy: the Jewish population. The Jews were an easy target, mainly because the majority of them were fairly rich. Because the war was blamed on the Jews, the rest of Germany felt less guilty about losing the war.

When he first started his speeches, people realised he hated Jews, and many of his audience even shared the belief. But even so, ordinary Germans who voted for him could not have foreseen his attempt to destroy the Jewish race. The speeches aforementioned where designed to completely captivate the audience. He used techniques that only recently have been adopted my speakers. For example, at the beginning, he would stand in complete silence until the audience’s attention was focused on him. Only then would he speak. He shouted in short sharp sentences. In between, the audience would shout and scream. Women described feeling of almost orgasm during his speeches, although that is probably gross exaggeration.

One of the appeals of Hitler’s regime was the ritualistic parades. These were candle lit marches through towns and cities, marched to the beat of patriotic music. He also made it seem like the rest of the world was inferior to the Germans, and this made the average German feel proud to be German. Even though most people were in desperate poverty, they felt proud, better than everyone else. The ones he picked on particularly though, were the Jews,...
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