Why Did Britain Win the Battle of Britain

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  • Published : April 23, 2007
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Why Britain Won The Battle Of Britain.

Britain won the Battle of Britain for many reasons there was a few main reasons as to how they won. i think that one of these main reasons where because they had a really bad leader and he didn't know how to handle modern technology. He didn't understand how the modern planes worked he put them in groups this made it a lot easier for the people to attack where if he had placed them seperatly it would of been harder for the British to attack, This therefore gave the british the advantage as they had the ability to shoot down more planes. With out this silly mistake i think germany could of easily won the war.

Also one of the main reasons was the radar systems, this ment that the british could she where georigg placed the piolets. TheBritish had in place in 1940 an entire network of long-range early-warning radar stations whose reports were tightly integrated by Fighter Command. This was the Chain Home radar system, the first radar-based air defense system, which was ready just in time for the Battle of Britain. Hitler had great faith in his undefeated Luftwaffe, and with good reason. Comprised of more than 2400 fighters and bombers, it would face Britain's 900 fighters. Another main reason was the fact that , the British developed two brilliant planes – the Hurricane (Nov 1935) which was reliable and was used to shoot down the Luftwaffe bombers; and the Spitfire (March 1936), the fastest plane in the world, which was used to destroy the Nazi fighters which protected the bombers. Also these planes were very easy to maek this ment that there could be many made at a time. This ment that when a plane was shot down or out of use then a spit fire or hurricane would be able to be made quickly and sent into war
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