Why Did America Experience a Boom in the 1920s ?

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Why did America experience a boom in the 1920s?

In this essay, I will be discussing why America experienced a boom. I will be looking at many different reasons of the American boom: Natural recourses, The first world war, new technology, confidence, credit, mass marketing, mass production and policies of republican presidents. These triggers of the American boom helped produce America as we now know it.

The main reason why America experienced a boom was the positive effects of the economy people had the confidence to go out and buy stuff. Even if they did not have enough money, they could still buy products thanks to the fact you can use credit. If people did not have faith in the economy people would not invest in things. The people saw no reason why the boom couldn’t go on for a loner period of time. This would mean that people wouldn’t buy goods so the economy could not grow leaving developments out of sight. If something was too expensive people used a ‘hire purchase’ to pay. The people were not scared to borrow money because of the good economy. This is main reason America experienced a boom because the people could now use credit and have the confidence to buy thing leaving an overall positive effect on america

Mass production also helped enormously for the boom, this is because factories could now make products fast, efficient and cheaper. It mostly helped the car industry; cars could now be made in a minute. This worked that one person had one job like putting on a wheel. Products were cheaper so more people could afford them. The new technology made the fast making of products possible and in 1920, America was well ahead of Europe. This helped the economy enormously because people were now buying many new products, and the export rate went up significantly.

A further reason why American business did well in the 1920s was that many business now marketed and advertisement their products to make them noticeable on the market. They would put...
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