Why Did Alexander Invade the Persian Territory

Topics: Alexander the Great, Quintus Curtius Rufus, Julius Caesar Pages: 4 (1235 words) Published: December 6, 2011
HST 225- 01-TRACEY MARTIN -042267773“ALEXANDER THE GREAT AND THE HELLENISTIC AGE.”Why did Alexander invade the Persian territory?The question on why Alexander invaded the Persian territory has only been guessed at by historians in the past. The true reason why, may never be known. What is known however is the fact that Alexander had continued what many before him had done, invade the Persian territory.Rome and Parthia, had first clashed after Pompey had annexed the Syrian rump of the Seleucid empire in 64B.C., then there was Crassus in 53B.C., who was governor of Syria at the time, and was eager for glory, only to be destroyed by the Parthian horse arches. Then after Crassus we know there was also Caesar, who had planned an invasion only to be assassinated before he was able to see his plans take place.We know that even Alexander’s father Phillip, had planned an invasion of the Persian territory prior to his death, which could be seen as a reason behind Alexander’s decision to invade. Alexander had admired his father Phillip, and was known to be loyal to his father’s intentions, with his father wanting to reclaim the cities which had been lost to them. Alexander himself, would have wanted to accomplish the same. By reclaiming the cities, he also would have succeeded not only in rebuilding the empire, but also fulfilling one of his father’s intentions, and in his own mind, making up for his previous errors. Other factor’s were also considered to be behind Alexander’s invasion, such as, the fact that there was still a lot of bitter feelings from the cities that had been burnt by the Persian’s years before,...
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