Why Cyberspace Is the Natural Habitat of the New Generation

Topics: Generation Y, Strauss and Howe, Generation Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: June 2, 2011
Cyber space is the natural habitat of the new generation.

Natural habitat. That's what it is. It's their enclosure, their 100 hectare space of face book hanging, IPod playing, you tube watching, E-bay buying, Wiki finding Home. Kids these days, lazy bunch of addicted computer geeks. They are so spoilt, I mean when I was a boy the only wall I had was my bedroom wall and even then I had to share with my two brothers. I couldn't upload photos, or write personal comments. I mean I used to spend all my time climbing trees, running around, playing cricket in the backyard and yes actually talking to friends face to face not on cyber space or my face or whatever. I know times have changed, technology and all, but should it replace human contact? Is all this worry about Justin Bieber twittering back and Sally commenting on Jaden's status a good thing?

Generation Y, they even have a new name for them... generation I for yes, you guessed it, I PHONE, I POD, and I PAD. According to statistic, the majority of the worlds youth aged 12-17 are active online. That majority feel comfortable and at home on the computer, even if there are viruses, bad sites (unsuitable for children) and illegal downloads that they can access.

As the years go on people are expected to be getting smarter but with this thing called the "WORLD WIDE WIBE" I don't understand how the new generation can be achieving this goal. With their BRB, TTYL, and their LOL. It drives me crazy. It's ruining the future of the English language, not to mention that they take everything they read as gospel truth! It's ridiculous when you consider that practically any idiot can post anything on the net.

Children as young as 2 months are being exposed to this natural habitat. If they are exposed at such a young age picture them when they are teenagers. On YouTube, "Charlie Bit my finger", two little kids; one a baby and one a toddler have received approximately 215 417 711 views. One of the most watched...
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