Why Cosmetology

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Why Cosmetology?

To begin, my name is Michelle Fenstermacher and I am in Cosmetology. Which is a large and creative field that I chose to become a part of at ICTC. I chose to attend ICTC due to myself liking to help others and make people look and feel their personal best. I can help people look and feel beautiful by doing their hair, nails, and give them a cuter style. If you want me to make you look the hottest you have ever been before, then come and let me do your hair, nails or give you a cuter style to leave the salon with.

Firstly, my choice to be a Cosmetologist has been an on-going interest of mine since I was about four years old. At that time , when I was four years old, I was in the bath at my Aunt Rhoda’s backwoods farm house. She had heard a gunshot , so she went to check where the gun shot had come from. When doing so , she had left her razor for shaving her legs on the bathtub shelf. I grabbed it, being the curious child I was, and shaved off my eye brow. Another reason I chose to be a Cosmetologist is because when I was about 7 years old my parents bought me tons of Barbie dolls to play with and ruin. One day when we were at Toys ‘R’ Us I saw a huge Barbie doll head without a body that you could do her hair. So as most kids my age , I begged them to buy it for me., but they ended up buying me two of them one for Christmas and one for my birthday. After I got the dolls I played with them almost every day and attempted to braid their hair. I also washed their hair when I was in the bath tub. That is one reason why I chose to be in Cosmetology at ICTC.

Secondly, my choice to be a Cosmetologist is partially due to many influences from the world of adults that have encouraged me. The first person is my mom, she has always sold make-up from the farthest memory I have of her. I have started to help her with her Mary-Kay business by helping her with her stock. The second person is my cousin, Kelly Guyton, she also sells make-up(Avon) and now...
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