Why Continuing Education Is Important to Me

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Education is imperative not only for my daughter, and myself but for our countries place in the global economy. Education is what makes us civilized and is a basic human need. As our country crumbles from within and loses its global edge, I cannot help but feel it is my duty as a citizen and a mother to lead by example and take part in finding a solution instead of contributing to the problem. As such, I have committed myself to life-long learning, professional success, and advocacy for education.

My educational journey began many years after high school. It was not until I became a mother that I realized its significance. Despite having an array of technical skills, I found myself competing for jobs that barely made ends meet. Therefore, I set a goal to earn a two-year degree. In 2009, I enrolled in college with a declared major in computer science. A year later, I changed my major when I learned the field of business offers a wider degree of growth potential and opportunity. As someone who constantly looks for ways to maximize resources and improve efficiencies at home and at work, I knew a business degree was the best fit for me. Since enrolling at Blue River Community College, I have learned the value of education is the sum of reading texts plus collaborative experiences with others. With each passing day, I learn new ways to improve life for my daughter and myself, while also supporting the needs of others.

Through my studies and involvement with the honor society, I have learned four things I did not know before: 1) I am scholarly, 2) service work is personally rewarding, 3) fellowship fosters respect, and 4) leadership among peers grows confidence. Three years ago, I never would have said my goal would be to obtain a master’s degree. I will graduate May 16 with an Associate Applied Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in office management, which is nothing more than a career degree.

Subsequently, this degree falls...
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