Why Computer Science

Topics: Learning, Computer science, Saudi Arabia Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Why computer science

One of the earliest memoy of my life is when I destroyed my father`s computer, so my father punished me. This was how I learned computers and respect for my family. That was how I learned about computer science. Now, everybody in my family gets everything from a computer, and if he wants to buy a new computer or has problems with his computer, he asks me first. Because computer science is useful for jobs, video games, and life, I enjoy studying my subject.

First, I believe computer science has plenty of jobs, and it can make easy money. Computer science gives me an easy job. I am an assistant teacher of information technology, and it is a very interesting job. I began working for King Abdulaziz University after I graduated in 2007. Before I graduated, I was nervous about getting a job. When will I get the job? All my friend were searching for jobs. Founding a job wasn't easy. They were at home for one year or more than year, but I got the job after four months. That was because of my major. I make $35000 every year. That is a good salary in my country. In Saudi Arabia, the average salary is $25000 every year. I spend the money on my family and my wife. I save the money for studying and my future life.

Second, my hobby is video games, and I love it. When I am free, I play video games. I can play alone or with my friends. When I play video game, I have a lot of fun. I spend a lot hours with my friends and brothers playing. I like to play sports and Adventuring games. I think you can learn a lot from video games. Like languages and math skills, and There are many games for learning. Simulation games can save a lot money. For example, pilots can train in Simulation games before they drive real airplanes.

Finally, computers give us an easy life. I believe life today is better than it was 100 years ago. Modern life is very different from life 100 years ago because the computer was founded. I am glad to study computer science. I...
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