Why Communication Is Important.

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Communication is an important management skill in organization.


When a day starts, managers will start their work of attending meetings making phone calls, checking emails, supervising staff’s work etc. most of these activities involve communication. To be a good manager, people must have effective communication skills. This communication is that the process of transiting information from one person to another. Good communication skills can facilitate managers to communicate effectively with the others such as employees, upper management and outside parties. Effective communication is the key to management success. For example, praise success and motivate staff when they do a good job indicates that you are well on your way to be a successful manager. Also, as we know people in organizations usually spend 75 percent of their daily time on communication through writing, reading, listening and speaking. Therefore, effective communication plays a crucial role in organization. This essay will briefly introduce different forms of communication, and then discuss the importance of communication and how to improve the communication skills in organization.

Forms of interpersonal communication

Obviously, oral and written communications are important forms of interpersonal communication. Suszko and Breangh mentioned that, when the message is non-routine and brief, oral communication is used; however, when the message is more routine and longer, written communication is used(1986,p515). Oral communication includes face-to-face conversation, discussions, phone calls etc. Henny Mintzberg found out that managers like to spend 50-90 percent of their time talking with people. Since, the most important reason of why oral communication is popular, which it is easy and quick way to get the feedback from other people and there is no need of too much preparation. Managers can develop their oral communication skills several ways in business. For example, pronouncing the words clearly helps people remember facts easily. Managers should learn the listening skills and try not to interrupt others. Also, making eye contact with the listeners and using suitable body languages are significant skills as well because in won’t easily lose and their interest can be kept intact. Oral communication is especially conductive to the development of effective interpersonal relationships. Written communication consists of emails, memos, letters, report, notes and other uses of the written word to transmit meaning. It covers many of the problems occurred in oral communication. Written communication is always accurate for any business entity to carry out the daily business activities and it helps in maintaining records of business transactions. As to important details involved, sender can take time to collect business information and receiver can take time to read information carefully and have their own charms and special meaning to ones sending and receiving them. Written communication plays major role in a corporation, hence, there is no doubt for managers develop professional written communication skills in the workplace.

Formal and informal communication in organizations

Mangers need to not only worry about two forms of interpersonal communication, but also concerned about the mechanisms, which affect communication. Formal includes vertical communication, horizontal communication and electronic communication. Vertical communication is the communication that flows up and down the organization, usually along formal reporting lines. It takes place between managers and their employees and may involve several different levels of the organization. Downward communication is more widespread than upward communication. Corvd suggest that downward communication is most effective if top managers communication directly with immediate supervisors and immediate supervisors communication with their staff.(Conrad, 1994) horizontal communication is...
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