Why College Students Aren't Graduating on Time

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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College has become an obstacle that an increasingly large group of the youth generation is being forced to face. This seems to be because a college degree has become more and more of a necessity in this modern world. According to American society (and others as well), in order to have a successful career and make a comfortable amount of money, a bachelor’s degree is vital. Soon Masters degrees will become a common staple as well. I myself have accepted this fate, and have embarked on the road to Bachelordom, along with many other of my fellow high school graduates. But just because we begin this journey toward a four-year degree does not mean that we graduate in a timely manner (the “standard” 4 years) or even at all. In fact, many believe that the youth generation of today has it more difficult than in the past. In 2008, our nation was declared to be in a recession, and as citizens of the United States of America we can’t deny that we feel the effects. One of these distressing effects is that students at institutes of higher learning are not achieving their Bachelor level degrees in the expected four years. Due to our current economical times, money has become a critical focus in many people’s daily lives. Things that were once easy to pay for have become a struggle for some. This includes today’s students. It has been a well-known reality for a while now that many who are enrolled in college are crunched for money, but today’s economical climate has only made it worse. Thus, I believe that money has become a critical factor in why students are not graduating with their four-year degrees as scheduled. Many people don’t have the money to provide backing for college loans, and have difficulty finding people to cosign for them. Credit for many is stretched thin. Water-boarding might sound more pleasant to many than another monthly payment. Debt has become a frightening fact of life to most, and people are avoiding it at all costs. Even to the detriment of...
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