Why College Is Important to Me

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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Why college education is important to me

According to Manali Oak, “The first thing that strikes me about education is knowledge gain. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us to build on opinions and have a point of view on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether education is the only thing that gives knowledge. Some say education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world, while knowledge is something very different. They are right. But then, information cannot be converted into knowledge without the catalyst called education. Education makes us capable of interpreting things rightly. It is not just about the lesson in the textbook. It is about the lessons of life.”

There are many reasons why college education is important to me. Growing up as a child, my mother did not have the financial resources to support four other kids, included myself. I could see how she struggled working through the night for minimum wages. However, I decided to the break the cycle of minimum wage, and strive for a college education. Having a college education would give me the ability to provide shelter, food, and clothing for my family in a way my mom couldn’t. It would give me the financial resources to go on vacation, road trips, or even travel the world. Having a college education would give me the chance to give back to my community and to teach younger children the importance of staying in school and setting achievable goals for themselves.

Another reason why college education is important to me is that it would allow me to explore every option available and open many doors of opportunity. Higher education would give me the knowledge that I need to show prospective employers that I have the required skills for the position I am seeking in their companies.  Having a college education would allow me to compete in...