Why College Football Should Have a Playoff System.

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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“Why College Football Should have a Playoff System”
Season after season the BCS continues to ruin several college football teams hopes of a National Championship. Instead of allowing the decision take place on the football field they leave it up to a computer and an outdated formula that very few can understand. The statistical rating system used to determine the teams that will participate in the championship game of the Bowl Championship Series consists of three components and each will count as 1/3rd of the final BCS formula; subjective polls of Harris Interactive, coaches (USA Today) and six computer rankings. Is this system fair to all the college athletes who dedicate their lives to play the game of football and then are denied the right to play for a championship? I think not, that why I am a huge supporter of the NCAA implementing a college football playoff system similar to the one seen in college basketball. This would help end all the stipulation on whether or not teams actually deserve their championship trophy. Season after season I will no longer have to wonder what could have or would have happened if a playoff system actually existed.

How would you feel if you went a whole season undefeated yet were denied the right to play for the National Championship? Disappointed, heartbroken, cheated well this is exactly how the Boise State, Utah, and TCU felt. After completing an undefeated season and basically dominating every opponent they matched up against they were stuck going to another Bowl Game and were forced to watch the National Championship on television. The BCS system hated that a small team like Boise State and TCU was even in the consideration so as a condolence they tried to embarrass them on the national stage by matching them up against powerhouse Texas or Alabama. Little they knew this small school played like giants taking down Goliath and proving to the BCS system that they deserved their chance to play? In my opinion,...
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