Why college education is important to me

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Umar Farooq

“Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people lives on from one generation to the next” (Dewey, 1916). Education is a necessity for a person to be successful in life. I have several dreams and goals in my life. I want to be a System Administrator. I have also aimed for starting and managing my own business. In order to achieve my life goals and to fulfill my dreams, I have discovered that education is necessary. Without education, I will not able to get a System Administrator job, I will not get enough income to fulfill my dreams. Without any reasonable source of income, I cannot start my own business. Therefore, in order to live a successful life, education is essential. Besides being successful in life, education also reforms several human natures such as human behavior, attitude and courtesy. College education is the key to success in my practical life.

My primary goal is to be well educated in the field of Information Technology. The world is developing fast in the field of technology. Even the smallest grocery store is now using computer to manage their sales. After passing my high school diploma, my interest in computer programming encouraged me to educate further in associates degree in Computer Information Systems. The courses included in this program of study are Windows Operating System, Database Processing, Computer programming, Microsoft Office and PC Maintenance and Selection. These courses fall in different categories of computer. First four courses are of software and the last one is on computer hardware. This program of study will increase my knowledge about computers. I am going to learn something new, which is highly important to me, to be a System Administrator. I will able to get the job, which I have aimed for. I have chosen this job, not only for reasonable income but also for my interest in computers. After passing this college degree, I will be able to...
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