Why College Education Is Important to Me

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Importance of College Education to Me
Stephen Nuamah
Ashworth College
ID: AC1209774
Health Care Administration

Why College Education is Important to Me
Am I free? I asked myself over and over again after reading a quote “Only the educated are free.” As concluded by Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD), Discourse. I then realized I was not free. I want to be free, but how? I asked myself. Do I need to be rich or do I need to be the happiest man on earth? It finally occurred to me after pondering over it for some time. I need to work my way up the very top of the educational ladder and not just quit with a high school diploma nor halfway of my educational journey. I then realized why and how college education is important to me. I have what it takes to achieve higher education thanks to both the external and internal motivation at my disposal, I knew starting a degree program at Ashworth College could help me achieve my goals and dreams to become the best person I have always wanted to be. As a high school student, I had the passion to be behemoth as well as, to organize the finances of my family’s business and deliver care and assistance as part of my duties in the business. In order to do this, I need to be intelligent and expose my mind to new ideas that i may otherwise not have known about with just a high school diploma. As concluded by Mark Twain (1996), “Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned,” I realized I have a wonderful educational journey ahead of me and with determination and commitment, I can equip myself with what I would be, as well as learn the necessary courses that will enable me become the best healthcare administrator I have always wanted to be. Ergo, achieving my childhood dreams which is very necessary. A college education is yet to be the highest achievement anyone could get in my nuclear family. I am therefore thriving to be the first degree holder in my entire family. This has been the best decision I have made in a while now,...