Why College Education Is Important to Me

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Why College Education is Important to Me
These days, a college degree is not something that you should choose to have; it is something that should be essential to your success. Some people find it hard to determine the value of a college education. Obtaining a college degree can provide a higher salary, more opportunities and self fulfillment. Even though I agree with the reasons above, I have additional reasons I feel that a college degree is important to me. First, it will allow me to provide a better life for my family. We have gone without what many others have taken for granted. Purchasing a house, yearly vacations, small camping trips, all terrain vehicles and motor boats are all just a dream to my family. By graduating from college, I can land my dream job and start to make those dreams a reality. Second, it will provide inspiration to my children. Not only have I spent time volunteering in my children’s classrooms at school, I have also been supportive in whatever else they have wanted to do. I’ve spent many years being a wife and a mother, putting college on hold to raise a family; I just couldn’t find time for traditional classes. But now with the advance in technology, getting an education is as easy as turning on my home computer. My children will see that any goal is obtainable if you just reach out and find the resources. Online college is perfect for me. I have suffered with agoraphobia throughout my life and I have had the need to receive counseling from trained professionals due to some unfortunate events as well. The counseling that I received has inspired me to pay it forward. It is my desire to become a psychologist so that I may do this. Ultimately, I would like to receive a Doctorate of Philosophy in Professional Counseling. Obtaining an online college degree will allow me to finish the healing process I started over twenty years ago. Finally, it will be a sense of pride for me. Both of my parents were high school graduates. They never had...
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