“Why Collage Education Is Important to Me”

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Dwight Wentworth Frederick
EN110.6.2 Achieving Academic Excellence
Writing Assessment 5_06

“Why collage education is important to me”

According to a report documented by the College Board in 2004 it states: “Education Pays.” College education is important to me because education pays. Education beyond the secondary level is regarded as college education. A college education is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an individual to learn and experience new things everyday. I am presently the Marketing Officer at O. D. Brisbane & Sons (Trading) Ltd in St Kitts and have been in this position for eleven years. There are a number of reasons why collage education is important to me. A college education will enable me to strengthen my skills, realize dreams and set goals and also to become a role model for my family members.

Firstly, I see the importance of a college education as strengthening my skills in this increasingly competitive job market. Currently in the Caribbean, one of the objectives of The Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) is to facilitate the free movement of skilled persons from one country to another. Hence, the advancement of my education will provide me with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to secure my job position within this competitive work environment. Additionally it will prepare me for other job opportunities which might require moving from one member state to another. There will be a much greater opportunity for obtaining and retaining my job with a college education.

Secondly, a college education will enable me to realize my dreams and set goals. My present position as Marketing Officer is the highest level which I can attain without having a college education. Therefore, obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing will definitely assist me in being promoted as Marketing Manager or Marketing Director. Usually when one is promoted he or she receives an increase in...