Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior


“Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, is an article written by the 48-year-old lawyer and mother Amy Chua. The article is published in The Wall Street Journal on January 8th in 2011. In the article Amy Chua focuses on how the western parents up bring their children versus how the Chinese parents up bring their children. The receivers of the article are the western parents because she wants them to lean from the Chinese parents. Though the whole article Amy is subjective but because of her education she also seems reliable. By using the appeal form logos she refers to studies that compares the Chinese children and the western children´s academic skills, where the result is that it´s the Chinese children who are the wisest. The Chinese parents spend ten times more on academic activities with their children than the western parents. A fact which Amy does not mention in the article is that the Chinese children aren´t free to spend much time with their friends and that can affect them negatively. Through the whole article Amy argues for that the way Chinese parents up bring their children is better than the western parents – therefor the title which also arouses much attention because the article was published in a newspaper which is only published in Western countries. The main statement is that the Chinese parents demand a lot more of their children when it comes to logical skills. For example Amy Chua says “Chinese parents demand perfect grades because they believe that their child can get them.[1]” followed by another statement “By contrast, I don’t think most Westerners have the same view of children being permanently indented to their parents.[2]” Indirectly Amy Chua says that the western parents are over-fond. Amy means that the western parents do not believe in their children. She emphasizes that the western parents should use more punishment and in general there should be more discipline. According the...