Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Topics: Western world, Western culture, People's Republic of China Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
Amy Chua
“Hey fatty – lose some weight.” Do you think this sound like a mother who is superior? According to the Western idea of what good parenting includes this would be intolerable, but if you consider this from an Eastern point of view this wouldn’t be wrong or abnormal. In additional it seems that Chinese parents can get away with things that Western parents can’t which alludes to talk about two different child-rearing methods which only has one thing in common – they do what they think is best for the child. Amy Chua is an ardent supporter of the eastern way of bringing up children and exposes some of her parenthood experiences in her article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”. In that case one is tempted to ask – is it then all right to override a child’s preferences in order to make them work even harder? The article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” was published in The Wall Street Journal on January 8th 2011 and is an extract from a book publishing “Battle Cry of The Tiger Mother”. The writer and for this reason the sender of the article is Amy Chua who is a professor at Yale Law School in the United States, and explains in her item how she through a rough and disciplinary way has reared her two daughters who has been forced to be subjected to homework and numerous of hours in front of the piano. As Amy Chua expresses do Chinese parents have their own definable parenting skills which they implement throughout an upbringing. For unlike western parents loosely, Amy Chua highlights that Chinese parents have one word in mind they always attend to implement in each aspect of a child’s road to maturity and that is discipline. It is therefore widely realized that Amy Chua conscious tries to illustrate that the western culture and Chinese ethnicity are opposed to each other when it comes to parenting. She clarifies a “we” against “them” who strengthen her argumentation...
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