Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Topics: Suicide, Amy Chua, Chinese Filipino Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

An analysis and interpretation of: “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”. An article written by the 48 years old Amy L. Chua (or 蔡美儿 in Chinese) who was born in Champaign, Illinois. Her parents were Chinese Filipinos and that’s where she got her parenting style from.

To start of with, Amy Chua asks the question that has crossed most people’s minds: “ How do they do it? How does the Chinese parents produce all these “math wizzes” and “music prodigies”? Amy makes it clear that the Asian kids are not born smart (For the most part, at least) It is hard work and training from the parents that shapes the children into these wonder kids. To prove her point she lists up a number of things that her daughter were never allowed to do, such as: * Have a play date

* Watch television or play computer games
* Attend a school play
* Complain about not in a school play
And so on..
Prohibitions that seems totally unreasonable for us “westerns”, as she loosely has named us. Throughout the text she covers several perspectives on parenting, which of a few I surprisingly agree on. Most of her viewpoints I deeply disagree with though and is far from my idea about proper parenting. Each time she lists up one of her perspectives, she compares the Chinese perspective with the Western perspective. She does this in a very subjective manner I think. She is very clever rhetorically. At some parts of the text, I actually caught my self being very close to getting dragged towards her side. I found it quite amusing to feel the power of pathos, but at the same time a bit daunting.

According to Amy, the main difference between Chinese parents and Western parents is the way they see their children. Western parents believe that respecting their children’s choices, their individuality and always encouraging them to pursue their true passions is the way. In contrast, Chinese parents believe that preparing their children for the future, and...
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