Why Childcare is Good for Children

Topics: Childcare, Childhood, Day care Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Why Child care?

Charndrea Johnson
Instructor:  Linda O'Connor
Week 12: Individual work

This Essay I choose is basically to tell you why you should choose childcare for your child and why it’s good for children. Also why I approve of my child being in one. Choosing an appropriate childcare for your young children seems very overwhelming. But as a parent it’s your responsibility to ensure that your children are safe and happy in a childcare that is fun, educational, and nurturing all at the same time, so that you know your child is comfortable in their environment. Whether it’s an in-home, center based daycare or preschool. And you should also know your children’s temperament, which are their likes, dislikes, health, interests, and behavior. Yes they might give you a hard time the first few times you drop them off but once they get use to their care taker they are going to be comfortable around them.

I choose my topic to be about child care, because I feel that it could be good for any child but I do and don’t like some parts of child care. For instance I would prefer for my child to be in a facility where they are active with other children, learn educational material that can prepare them in the long run. Not sitting in someone’s home watching TV, playing, and taking naps. That more like you’re paying a teenager to babysit your child while you’re at work not somewhere professional. But I approve of an exalt professional child care where you know your child is safe and happy. Not somewhere where you are having second thoughts about putting your child. The child care where my child go I love it, because I know that while she is there she’s safe and happy playing with children her age and learn real educational material not just sitting on a couch watching cartoons. In many important ways, our preschool years determine our future competitive role in the global economy, the public safety of our communities, the...
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