Why Chain of Command Is Important

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Jessip 1
SGT Jessip, Sean
CPT Chuber, William
15 March 2011
Why is the Chain of Command Important
The United States Army has a very distinct structure to maximize the efficiency of the command and control of soldiers, this structure is called the Chain of Command. The rank structure was created in the 1700’s when the military became a structured element and when away from being a militia with no structure at all. Rank was established to officially appoint someone to give orders to soldiers; also to teach the newer enlisted soldiers respect. If there was no rank structure in the military there would be no organization or discipline in the army. The discipline and order that the United States ARMY has is what makes us the strongest army in the world. When a new recruit goes through basic training the rank structure and chain of command is constantly being drilled into their minds; as well as how to properly utilize the chain. As a new private in basic some soldiers are appointed into student leadership positions to help them understand how hard it is to run a squad or platoon sized element and to show them how much harder it is without the proper use of the chain of command. The soldiers quickly learn that one person can be in charge of a platoon but it is very difficult to handle and control every single individual soldier and their issues. The student leaders learn that the military cannot efficiently function without the chain of command and the use of delegation.

The army is based on the 2-5 rule; this is broken down for example the battery level you have the battery commander who is ultimately responsible for all of the soldiers in the battery. The battery commander has three soldiers directly under his guidance and control, the XO and Jessip 2

two platoon leaders. The first sergeant has two soldiers directly below him the platoon sergeants. The first sergeant is also the highest level of the NCO support channel. The platoon sergeants have three to...
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